2018 Finalists

Morgan Allender Watching Clouds on the Water from My Usual Spot (SA)

Louisa Antico Stardust 1 (NSW)

Andrew Antoniou Free Falling (NSW)

Kelly Austin Stilled Composition 36 (TAS)

Jeremy Blincoe Clothed in Myth (VIC)

Jacqueline Bradley Aggregate (ACT)

Tim Burns Berlin (TAS)

Amy Carkeek See No Evil, Hear No Evil (QLD)

Steven Carson Sometimes # 1 (TAS)

Angela Casey Mirror (TAS)

Tim Coad Engagement, 8 (TAS)

Joel Crosswell Red Lagoon (TAS)

Kylie Elkington Correa Alba (White Correa) (TAS)

Kylie Foley Presence (NSW)

Junko Go Imagin (TAS)

W. Shawn Gray Post-Carbon AuzRailway LocoOptions: Folio2: Sheet#14δ5/9 {HORSE [Heuristic Operational Resource Supply Enabler]}; + Post-Carbon AuzRailway LocoOptions: Folio2: Sheet#15δ7/9 {Power Transfer Architectures, Embodiment 1~4} (NSW)

Miik Green Xylem Series: Hoechst20 (WA)

Rona Green King of Punchbowl (VIC)

Paul Gundry Suburban Delight (TAS)

Neil Haddon The Land Will Heal Itself (TAS)

Lee Harrop The Lie of the Land (NT)

David Hawley I Know Nothing (TAS)

Jude Hotchkiss Earthbreak (NSW)

Dominic Kavanagh Pustulous Bloom (VIC)

Louiseann King She Listened to the Whispering Silence (VIC)

Eloise Kirk Black Smoker (TAS)

Lisa Kurtz Uncombed (QLD)

Jacob Leary The Object Compendium (TAS)

Dane Lovett Fantin #41 (VIC)

Sara Maher The Breath of Matter Itself (TAS)

Donna Marcus Radiate (QLD)

David Marsden Billow (TAS)

David Martin Light Recording 21742 (TAS)

Georgie Mattingley Ascension II (VIC)

Mish Meijers The Garden (Dungeness) (TAS)

Anne Mestitz Discrete Track 2 (TAS)

Ian Munday Imaginary Monument to Don Van Vliet (TAS)

Michael Muruste Untitled (TAS)

Harry Nankin Damselfly Nebula (VIC)

Brigita Ozolins Let Us Calculate (TAS)

Caroline Phillips Spherical Object #1 (VIC)

Louise Rippert Honesty (VIC)

Paul Snell Mute # 201704 (TAS)

Kate Stevens Gaza No.3 (NSW)

Michael Vale The Great Divide (VIC)

Tricky Walsh Cosmology (TAS)

Blair Waterfield Dear Audrey… (TAS)

Peter Zappa Suspended Sentence (WA)


Banner image: 2002 The Hutchins Art Prize Winner
Friend, Ian. For JHP #6. 2002. Ink, Gouache, Crayon 760 x 1120mm (Detail)