The Hutchins Art Committee Members

The Hutchins Art Committee was established as a sub-committee of the Hutchins Foundation in 1996. The members are all highly skilled professionals with differing and complimentary areas of expertise, who give generously of their time and experience. 

Trevor McKenna

Kristian Falconer
Susan Forbes-Smith
Katherine Lack
Kate Langridge
Sally Mollison
Heather Neill
Joshua Reilly
Rachelle Robinson
John St Hill
Bec Terry
Di Troon

Hutchins Art Curator
Dr Joy Barber-Milojevic

Barber-Milojevic is an artist, curator, arts administrator and writer living and working in Hobart. In 2013 she attained a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Tasmania upon the topic Visions of Enchantment: Fictions of Intimacy in Contemporary Art, in which she explored perfume bottle forms in the exhibition submission. Barber-Milojevic has been employed in the role of art curator at Hutchins since May 2016, and has been enjoying the challenge of working in a vibrant school environment, having worked in various arts administration roles previously, the most recent being Contemporary Art Tasmania. The Curator’s role includes coordinating the biennial art prize and maintaining the Hutchins Art Collection, which comprises primarily a compendium of significant artworks by contemporary Australian artists. 


Banner image: 2002 The Hutchins Art Prize Winner
Friend, Ian. For JHP #6. 2002. Ink, Gouache, Crayon 760 x 1120mm (Detail)